SUPERNATURAL COMPANION is written from a heart that is in love with God and His words in the bible. It is intended to present the Person of the Holy Spirit who is the third Person of the God Head to persons who may want to know Him in a personal way. I hope that this book would suffice to answer most of the questions or clear up any misunderstanding of His Person in the minds of all who may read this book. However, there is much more about The Holy Spirit that can only be experienced consistently as you the believer opens up your heart and willingness to allow Him to lead, guide and teach you as you walk with Him daily. When you met the Holy Spirit he will show you how to say good bye to loneliness, depression, fear and all types of negative thinking and sadness. Since He is an Eternal Personal Being it is necessary therefore that we allow Him (The Holy Spirit) to teach us according to 1John 2:27. God bless you richly in all aspects of your life in Jesus Name I pray. Amen (So be it)