6 Writing Professions You Can Choose

Do you excel in writing skills but don’t know how to utilize this heavenly skill? The solution is simple. Have you thought about becoming a writer? If not, then start thinking about it, and if you get difficulty to choose what kind of a writer you want to become, then here are some excellent options that you can try.

Book Editor

Book editing is one of the amazing work that you can do if you have great writing skills. You can read the manuscripts for the authors and suggest the possible changes to them to improve their script. The main responsibility of the book editor is to shape the manuscript adequately and help the author in developing it.


Having a healthy imagination is indeed a supreme talent that one could have. Using this extreme talent to construct something useful and creative is the most suitable thing you can do to pay your skills immense respect. Being a novelist is not something that any writer is capable of doing. It takes far better skills and creativity to write a novel.

6 Writing Professions You Can

If you possess this astounding skill to imagine something far and beyond and bring fanaticizing characters to life then becoming a novelist is the best option for you.


Ghostwriting is one of the best fields to start your writing career and polish your writing skills. It might pay less in the beginning, but once you get your feet set on the ground, you will be rolling in the money. A professional ghostwriter can easily earn up to $150,000. So what are you waiting for? Check out for the job openings for this position and get started with it already, or you can also become one of the freelance ghostwriters and start writing for big companies.

Film Critic

Are you interested in Hollywood? Do you watch a lot of movies and point out several mistakes that can be done differently? If that’s the truth, then you can effortlessly become one of the awe-inspiring film critics and work for multiple agencies and magazines.

For becoming an excellent critic, you must have the eye to see through all the flaws and embellishments to make your review a credible one.

Web Content Writer

Web content writers are the most demanding people that every organization requires these days. Every organization, no matter whether it is a multinational firm or a small business, needs web content writers. The companies ask for the web content writers to do skilled research and write unique articles, blogs, or contents to help them grow their SEO rank.

Video Game Writer

Being good with video games can also pay off big money if you know how to merge your gaming skills with your writing skills. You can do narrations for characters in the video games and can easily earn a hefty amount of money out of this creative profession. The average calculated salary of video game writers is around fifty to fifty-one thousand dollars.